Wednesday, May 13, 2009

politwitical leanings

hello, there! it's been a while, and not for lack of enthralling news, here we have a political piece.

this is a link to a letter from a new friend of mine to a local rag:

i agree wholeheartedly, and i thank everyone who did vote, because it does matter. even if your party of choice did not get elected with a majority, you can still have your voice heard. write a letter. make a phone call. your local mla is your friend, and he/she wants to know what you think. people who don't understand the issues and choose not to vote - it only starts with your first article. google 'canadian government issues' follow any links you see...knowledge is power. voting makes you feel strong - try might like it.

if you are a canadian citizen, you are just as worthy of having your voice heard as the politwits in parliament, white collar joe, blue collar steve, or suzy homemaker up the street.

~thank you, peace out~

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