Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it was a fishy date

...and i think i smell like shark bait!

i think they're 'off the hook', though - so to speak...*groan*...the sign reads, "blah, blah, blah, not responsible for wet clothes due to shark frenzy."

MAN! did it EVER reek like dinner back there!

warning: i'm very punny, you know.

i went on a date with all my guys tonight to the aquarium store, and it was deadly! heh, literally! jack and jared love it there, but tonight was the first time we got to see the shark feed! ooooo, it was neato mosquito!

first of all, what you see is tank after tank of gorgeousness! tonnes of live coral, weird shit, cool shit, pretty things, suckers, blowers and annihilators. at the very back of the store you'll find the massive 2500 gallon tank full of JAWS babies searchin' for the nearest free lunch or hand, you know...whichever. did it ever go fast! i wonder if they feed them other than the weekly show...something for all you p.e.t.a. folks to pet.

anyway, right after you get past the initial awe, you move on to the second stage, which is: hey! there's like, 5 sharks in here...and a giant eel, AND a great big other somethin' or other! do they have enough room? (answer: NO) . you then slip back into the experience with awe, only to be awakened so rudely when you get splashed with water over the edge of the enclosure from the brutal frenzy going on once the dead fish chunks are dropped in! i thought it seemed kinda gross, what with the smelly chunks and all, but i was hastily corrected by a stray ankle biting six year old that it was "cool", and his 5 year old yard ape little brother wanted to know if i knew that "water is good for me?". snotty little shits! kidding...they were cute 'n' stuff, too.

anyway, once they've all gotten a good chunk (the sharks), there's some peaceful roaming, the odd nudge, and then WHAP! the giant eel springs from his hiding place under the coral, stretches up straight to the water's break the split second he sees an opening and snags the last chunk...he then proceeds to wiggle back down into his makeshift dining room to (gag) do that thing i've seen snakes do when they eat (gag).um, snakes creep me out. eels in water - i can live with 'em, but snakes? things without legs SHOULD NOT move. i once saw my friend feed his giant snake a rabbit in one blocked off room of his house off the living room. i tried not to see it, but out of the corner of my eye, i saw the fucking thing LEAP through the air and snag the bunny. cute, right? (gag) then when i was leaving, i couldn't help but to look over and i saw it fucking gagging in reverse to get the furry fellow down. oh! did i forget to mention the crunch? (gag) but i digress...

here's some loveliness from my evening, enjoy:

see the starfish? it's there!
peek-a-boo, stingray dude!
the electric blue crayfish, elles & g's!

a piranha...scaaaaaary stuff! this one was freakin' out on my camera!

this one is so super cute it could also almost have
it's own super freakin' cute installment!
i'd leave you with it if...
...i didn't want to know WTF this thing is...anyone?

oh. & i found nemo.


Monday, March 30, 2009

stupid girl

well. waylon's girl is officially retarded.
i really don't have much else to say about that except:
STFU, silly bitch!

have i mentioned that she's writing music reviews now? i wish i could send you the link to her blog so you could read for yourself how uneducated she seems with the whole music industry. she's taking well known facts and twisting them to have you believe she's just discovered the mystery to the music making machine.

she chose to do a review of tossing logic. stupid, stupid girl. first of all, she's been around for about 42 seconds. second, she don't know shit about shit. third, i wanna smack her.
yeah, the review wasn't glowing with pride for them, but it's more than that. where the fuck does a stupid little girl get the notion that professional musicians give a fuck what she has to say, anyway?

some TL story links for ya:

she shot her own foot. i shall enjoy...except for when i hear about how waylon feels when he talks about how she referred to his "thoughtless lyrics". i happen to be witness to that man crying in his notebook, that fucking little twat. i am so fucking done even bothering with that one. this is my prediction for the pretty little perfect thing ( i give it 6 years) :fuckin' tool is gonna have all sorts o' baby-daddies! yee-haw!
i betcha....i betcha....

...or this, 'cause our prep schooled casting couch star of the future can't seem to pay the rent... :

...but i could be wrong....and i'd feel so bad....IF i was wrong...

wow, so negative, hey? damn she pisses me off. not totally positive of why, but she rubbed me wrong from dias uno!

there's more on tossing logic in my blog....just search the 'band drama' tag or click the story links that i've ever so graciously provided! i'm sure there'll be more to come! patience, dear me....it can only be a matter of time. patience....he will have a new one to annoy us all soon. i'm sure. i hope. pleeze, gawd, make it so!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

lost and found

something occurred to me last night and it kept me thinkin'.

sooo, this is just a little somethin' i've made up for you to ponder on this fine day.

ahhh, sunday...

~things lost that will never be found again:
  • virginity
  • time
  • sleep
  • trust
  • youth
  • innocence
  • socks& don't forget...
  • your lunch

~ things found that were never really lost in the first place:

  • your mind
  • your keys
and last, but not least...
  • cat puke at the bottom of the stairs

Friday, March 27, 2009


...some old codger, or perhaps simple sam, maybe even a basic betty - any with money to burn - will happen across my blog and feel inspired.

feel inspired to grant wishes, that is.

see, teague here wants to write.
about stuff.
for a living.
...or at least a comfortable, fulfilling existance.

maybe i shall score with the blog browsers and get straight to the source - a publishing house extraordinaire! (please, sweet jeezuz! i've gots lots of material, and loads to say!)

i wouldn't be able to endeaver this on my own for at least 5 years due to our crushing bill load every month. truck and loans are to be paid off by then, so i will have the funding to properly shop my brain wares.

publishing would be an egotistical dream-mare come true! one way or the other, it WILL happen. technically, it already happened when i was 21 or something in a poetry library. i entered a 'contest' and supposedly out of thousands of applicants, hundreds got chosen with me being a lucky one.

in reality, it was an actual book. my parents and i each have a copy and it's a great big thing. the publisher said my poem went along with their 'approved themes' because it was about god. what they didn't realize is that it was MY version of god; but it was published, and here it is:
We are innocent,
we are pure.
We pray to God

and he says, "Yeah, right. Sure!"

It comes to me in
the peak of the night

to play with my head and

leave me dreading the

inevitable fright.

I may be innocent.

I could be pure.

But if I ever prayed to God,

he'd say, "Yeah, right! Sure."

©cmsept'91 (me)
Wiki says: The archangel Gabriel serves as a messenger from God. he first appears in the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible. In some traditions he is regarded as one of the archangels, or as the angel of death. He is also known as Saint Gabriel to some Christian denominations.

Christians and Muslims believe him to have foretold the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. Islam further believes he was the medium through whom God revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad, and that he sent a message to most prophets, if not all, revealing their obligations. He is called the chief of the four favoured angels and the spirit of truth, and in some views Gabriel is the same as the Holy Spirit. Gabriel also finds mention in the writings of the Bahá'í Faith, most notably in Bahá'u'lláh's mystical work Seven Valleys.

yeah. so anyway, it turned out that the company gave out scholarships and stuff, but i'm sure it was only to people who spent their $cashola$ on the things they were trying to sell. for instance, i got a letter from them saying that the cadence of my piece was suitable for audio recordings, and would i be interested in having my poetry orally recorded? all i had to do was buy at least one copy and i could be on it! oh, joy. yeah. i've got somethin' you can do orally...

no, i didn't go for it.

then, there was the 'best of the decade' publication, or something like that. same deal. that was when i stopped opening their mail. i figured, if it was important enough, they had my phone #, right? they could call, i could screen it, and we'd all be happy! needless to say, they stopped sending mail, and i didn't get rich off my musings.

a big part of the reason i didn't want to do anything further with it is because it was from a poem that i half stole from my cousin when i was like, 16! I, um, extended on her one stanza work? hers was good and mine was better, but i always think of that. lesson learned! they are different pieces in their own right, and i suppose i could say hers inspired mine, but i'm not sure. honestly, i don't really remember the circumstance clearly, other than that i had really admired a few lines she had written down.

i need something of mine in print. something of mine from beginning to end, wonderfully bound, and with an enticing cover photo. if you ever see anything with the name teague rossdale, buy it, love it, and then tell all your friends about it, okay? thanks!

= gaelic ~ poet
= welsh ~ fair, beautiful

= americanized version of jewish 'rose'

= middle english ~ valley
= irish ~ blind

i take it to mean:

'poet of the roses in the blind valley'

...or something like that.p.s. if i had any idea how to use photoshop, these pictures would have been somehow merged!...or this one:


Thursday, March 26, 2009

the "too freakin' cute" installment

all right.

i'm not really a girly girl, and i don't usually get fluttery over kitties & puppies. babies though? love 'em. all be it with reservation. i DON'T squeal, and they usually don't tick my biological tock, but i LOVE oogilee-googilee-ing them....and they love oogilee-googilee-ing me.

i saw this picture in the newspaper today and i tried to find an online copy to snatch with no luck, so i scanned it....i felt compelled to share, 'cause it's soooo cute.

(don't worry, the whole 'cute' thing doesn't happen often)
(unless it's from my kid....one day he stubbed his toe,
and when i asked him which one, he told me it was the roast beef one!)

i'm done. here's the shot:

they're at a massage class in the netherlands with their mommies, and this is part of the cool down segment meant to simulate womb-like conditions. they call these the 'tummy tubs'.

now, is that cute, or what?


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it's 11:11, do u know where your spirit guide is?

have you ever heard the theories behind number repetitions? through actual number patterns, or repeating sequences, people are yielding to the mental pressure [read: stressing] over some phenomena of angel guides that are around in this new age to assist us or something. well, maybe stressing about it is a little egregious. i didn't have enough time to totally dive in, so you can if you're interested. you could be interested. i don't know. maybe you know about it, maybe you think it's bunk. i choose to believe that 11:11 is an excellent opportunity to make a wish. have for some time, actually. i can't remember how it started.

google it, weed out the crazies, and there have actually been some 'credible' speaking done on the subject. one prolific speaker on the topic is uri gellar. i'm sure there's more to read on him out there, but i'm to lazy to do more than wiki right now. it's actually 9:30pm, wednesday, march 25th right now. nothin' special about that! right? right. i just crunched the numbers.

what i did gather was this: preliminary studies done earlier in his career at stanford research institute concluded that he had successfully demonstrated enough paranormal executions to warrant further serious study. the term "geller effect" was coined to refer to the particular type of abilities they felt had been demonstrated.
yes, he claims not to be psychic per say, but a mystifier. ok. good for uri. he has made a career of television and festival appearances. one could be so lucky...

anyway, the 11:11 premise is that you'll notice all sorts of electrical instances occurring.
seeing 11:11 as the time on your clock, for one.
no, no, no, not once, but over and over and over again!

~ that happens to me. it's 10:11 right now. (i've been googlin') that sort of counts to them, i think.

street lights going on and off when you walk by.

~ i thought that happened to everyone. doesn't it?

computer problems with power and stuff.

~ oh, you mean like MY computer that just happens to turn off for no apparent reason all the freakin' time? ...even though i've had the power supply replaced FIVE times, it still happens. coincidence?

oh yeah. did i mention that i LIVE in the wish house? yes. i do. my address is 1111, no lie.

this isn't my picture, but that's no lie.

some people get so passionate about it they'd get it tattooed! huh.

maybe that's why my spirit guides gave me the idea to publish at 11:11...?
marketing, baby!

lemme tell ya - i'm gonna have one helluva wish post on nov.11! (◄---see??)
11/11? *remember*

critics say it's a post-hoc analysis. that is, a study perceived after the fact, and with only that in mind. i'm not so sure that it's dredging for a conclusion to the 'experiments'! it just happens. trust me, i know. this is worldwide. odd phenomena it is, for sure. people have all sorts of things to believe in, and if they're thinking that this world is waking up, well, who are we to stop that energy? well, not me, but maybe you...i hope it doesn't stop.


i lost five pounds!

oh, wait....that was just my sweaters....yes, sweaterS. no more f-f-f-freezing!

today was a beautiful, sunny day and i took advantage of it by working in my yard. back to one of my top favorite pastimes! i've been checking my plants with all the new growth and deciding where everything is going to go. i have this bamboo patch that i'm awfully proud of. maybe i'll post some pictures so you can be proud, too! ~kidding~ seriously, though, i'm a little dorky that way.

last year at this time all i could talk about is how i got
13 new hostas out of 4 previous pots!
yep -
splittin' hostas is where it's at!
just so's ya knows: none of these pictures are mine.

i'm reminded of a home depot commercial from '07 or '08 where the husband and wife (presumably) are watching the outside thermometer and eagerly awaiting warmth. then, the second the expanding mercury hits the tube's 15° mark, the scene brightens and they go running outside their home depot bought french doors flailing their arms above their heads! setting up their home depot tables, cranking their home depot table umbrellas, planting home depot flowers in the home depot dirt filled garden, and firing up the home depot barbeque!

yeah. they got the idea from ME!

bring it on, lady nature!

"okay, teaguealeaguer, i'll see what i can do..."

anywhere between 20 & 30º will be fine, thanks!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

didja see this?

google search "list fox news apologies", and you'll garner 80k hits. huh. jackasses. i have a youtube clip of the fox tv program 'red eye' which is broadcast in the very early morning alongside infomercials for the 'ab energizer' and the 'sweet 70's soul cd', so you KNOW it's good!
here it is :

link to competitive yankee jackassery (youtube) there's a whole gaggle of retards spewing!

oh, but he apologized!

link to somewhat acceptable excuse (if you're a redneck) which was conveyed during a cbc news report.

i don't even get upset with this "journalist" & his peanut gallery panel who are all simply ignorant...lol! gutfeld seems to be an aging loser who couldn't get a show if it wasn't broadcast in the middle of the night on FOX, for cryin' out loud! even americans know that FOXtv is crrrrrrrrrrap, and i'd say the people learned their lesson with bush! (all be it, the 2nd time around...)

[if you'd like to hear this david bowie song, 'i'm afraid of americans', scroll down to turn off my music player first...]

canada's defence minister peter mackay has slammed this dude, and the rest of the uproar is amusing as well. i mean, look at the google hits from today alone! whatta twit! greg gutfeld, i mean. i hate it when bullies use the 'comedy' cap. funny is funny, and we would laugh if it was funny. comedy would be defined as:
    1. A dramatic work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and that usually contains a happy resolution of the thematic conflict.
    2. The genre made up of such works.
  1. A literary or cinematic work of a comic nature or that uses the themes or methods of comedy.
  2. Popular entertainment composed of jokes, satire, or humorous performance.
  3. The art of composing or performing comedy.
  4. A humorous element of life or literature: the human comedy of political campaigns.
  5. A humorous occurrence.

uh, greg? not funny. i think this could be just another installment for your comedy of errors, you bill maher wannabe.

whomever needs to do the blessing, get on it! bless that damned country, and let's hope obama seeds some intelligence down south! i'm pretty sure we (north america) won't be entering any more senseless wartime fracas...that is, unless the states try to bamboozle the world's population again.
i'm thinking that's not gonna happen under obama. barack may not be perfect, and i may not be an expert, but i know bullshit, and i calls 'em as i sees 'em.
uh, this would mean that the collective jackass module should remove itself and let the rest of us get on with life. i think...

as ghandi would say:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

please oh, please let the blogging gods allow you, sir gutfeld, to stumble upon this humble post. if you happen to find yourself here while cruisin' the net for the 'newest facebook app' or 'best believed excuses file', i'd like to ask: what WAS your intention? heh. did someone forget to do their homework, greg? dummy.

canada's military HAS made contribution to this hellish effort.

i don't support WHY they're there - i support getting everyone the hell home before more people die.
, good ol' USofA! what if some country invaded your asses 'cause too many of you are a bunch of war mongering, greedy fucks? not so pleasant, right? get off your stolen horse, america, and let's be friends, shall we?


p.s. please, please comment at will!


what's this you say?
i just claimed my url on the technorati site....huh!

apparently, i can complete my openid claim by posting, so here i am.
any suggestions for me?

Monday, March 23, 2009

a poem, if you will...

bear with me, friends...this is the first poem with nature as a stimulus that i have ever written, with a glimpse of the scene that inspired it....

Today is the Day I Awoke

Mossy trees
with ancient grace
towering up above me.
Chirpy birds
are feeding babes
ducking through clouds, they flee.

Dewey grass
perking right up
again greeting spring, I see.
Cool filtered sun
shyly peeking,
I have a commodity.

Crazy boys
on the other hand,
trash my reverie.
Bounding down
the puddled road,
abandoned sense of carefree.

Life awaits -
way far away,
saddled with calamity.
I awake -
now spring is here.
To nature I pay MY fees.


(c) cb'09

i shall return.

a beautiful weekend was had by all

yes, camping was such an awesome time. aside from a little wind and rain for a while on friday afternoon, it was well worth the effort. the boys were having so much fun, but were wanting to come home to play video games! ha! gotta put the brakes on that, i tell ya! tharen has discovered a new easy way to be lazy! he just half heartedly plays the games while snoozing, and the time just flies! silly gooseballs! but hey! who am i to talk? the only reason i can type this now is 'cause my little jared dude is watching 'super why' while jack's at school!

speaking of which, i have this valuable opportunity to be cleaning up all the camping wares and here i sit, smelling something funny. that is IF you think poopy diapers are funny.

i think it's a sign. i'm gonna go get rid of the rotten butt atrocity, tidy the troops' travesties, and totally take advantage of this crazy caffeine cascade of continual colossal coolness. uh, i mean i'm gonna go clean the house.

i'll tell you my story later tonight. stay tuned, sillies...there might even be pictures! (link is not my picture, but just a fine example of the area we camped in) i'll figure out to put pictures up here...it'll be a first for this newbie. i've noticed on my lovely janis' site that the pictures sure seem to perk it up a bit. or maybe it's her new layout, i dunno. pictures, though...my god, was it ever a much needed, gorgeous trip. next sunday is supposed to be nice, too....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

♪♫ i went to the library & what did i see? ♪♫

holy crap my new library is crap!

it's been closed months and months getting this new haul over and was supposed to be beautiful. it's cold, uninviting and unorganized! i read in the local rag that they had their grand opening last week and i was so excited to have this library open again. the other one takes 20 minutes to drive to...blahblahblah. this cookie was not impressed. maybe i'll like it more when they get their signage up to point out the different sections. i only had 20 minutes to run in and grab my treasures, and i was honestly a bit put off! they were way over budget and way past schedule, so i think it's safe to say that the public was expecting a little more! a lot more! it is bigger, so they better fill it up with better books! i used to have to request books from the other branch often, but alas, here's my reading list for the next few weeks:

how to self publish and make money - crook and wise

self publishing 101 - debbie elicksen

building a website for dummies - david a. crowder

the everything blogging book - aliza sherman risdahl

career building through blogging - deirdre day-macleod

the huffington post complete guide to blogging - editors of the huffington post

the links i found for these books are cool. i'm totally gonna check more of this dude's site...

the life of hunter s. thompson, gonzo
- jann s. werner & corey seymour, with an introduction by johnny depp

kingdom of fear,
loathsome secrets of a star-crossed child in the final days of the american century
- hunter s. thompson

ha! first chapter is: "when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"

bye...we're going camping.
in march.
in the west coast rain forest.
i'm so smart.

oh! and i have to watch ER now.

was i that naive?

i just read a new blog from waylon's girl about music. fuck. um, what i have to say: duh.

i really hope she doesn't think she came up with those revelations all on her own....but she is young. painfully young....and i'm sure just making these discoveries. the thing that throws me off is that she's quite snobbish. quite. did i mention that she seems to be quite snobbish? yes, snobbish.

i have difficulty with this one. i have to stay as farrrrrrrrr away as possible while still remaining close. i just may say something i might have to think about regretting. it wouldn't be a nice situation for tharen's singer's girl to be my new whipping post - no matter how much ammo she gives me to use. there's so much already, and i barely know her. janis doesn't like her at all, so that doesn't help. i've told j. that she MUST be appropriate around her and then, if the situation requires, clamp my mouth shut with a bear trap so i don't wind up assaulting the young one with all my lovliness.

it makes me wonder about when i was the young one...i'm sure there's no way i ever could've been deemed annoying, right?....right? probably less annoying than now, anyway.

now, i'm just as right, only crankier.

Monday, March 16, 2009

waffles and eggs it is!

it's spring break!
oh, joy.
it doesn't really make for all that much difference around here, what with the two year old and all....and jack's only in kindergarten, so that's only half a day. BUT it is half a day that i don't HAVE to be sociable. half a day that i don't have to get dressed. half a day that i don't have to run around as soon as i get up in the morning, which i HATE. half a day when my boogies get to stay in their pj's as long as they want.
except for today, that is.
today, i had to deal with poop first thing, little guys up too early, and whining. wicked. it really doesn't help that i was up 'til 2am, either....maybe that's why they seemed to be awake too early! the clock said 7am, just like it does every day! then there's the beer...not much, but enough to make a difference. can't forget about the sore legs either, but we don't need to talk about that. let's just say that tharen and i stayed in this weekend and liked it.
after the whining and poop, i realized that i was out of cigarettes and pepsi (omg) so i had to go to the store, which i also love doing first thing in the morning. upon entering the vehicle, i noticed tharen's pay cheque sitting there. damn it! he was supposed to get that in first thing so we wouldn't miss our astronomical truck payment yet again! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! this meant i had to go to the bank (which wasn't open yet) ! there's a machine, so it wasn't really a big deal, until i got there and noticed some fukwad had mangled the machine trying to fraud the fraudsters. okay. so there's more banks, right? wrong. this particular bank was the only one i could hit the machine smellin' the way i did with my hair the way it was. the only bank where the boys could sit in the truck right beside the little vestibule. the only bank i where i get to blissfully go through life believing, if only for a few sweet seconds, that myself and the lovely machine were the only ones alive on this whacked rock.

SO! silly teague has to go home, brush her hair and teeth, change out of pj pants and throw a bear paw down the boys' throats, and go to the bank where i had to park, get the boys out, walk up around the corner, go INTO the bank, make small talk with the old dude trying to play with the boys, wait to use the machine after some dude who turns around to be a guy i've known since i was like, 14 or something. AWESOME. all before the blessed coffee that i have started to drink so i can make it through the mornings without regularly feeling like i could die at any given moment. andy said i looked good, but i refuse to believe him. i know for a fact that i looked like i weigh 170 lbs with my fleece pants and sweater under the coat gear to try and ward off the chill i had since ripping off the covers to get jared before he pulled down his poopy pants.

anyway, crisis diverted 'til next month. truck payment covered, insurances out the ying yang covered, late rent payment covered. i came home, made the transfers, made some waffles and eggs, and now it's play time before we head out to run more errands. shopping, tending to our friends' fish and frogs, parkification and a stroll. i'm gonna do some contemplating on how to earn some more money without taking away time from my family. that always will be the most important thing to me. family. not how much money my family has, or how big my family's house is, but FAMILY. doing my job, in other words. i will gladly take this little struggle if it means that i've been here when it matters and my kids aren't being raised by strangers. i think i might've pointed out before that i think that's what the problem with the world today is. kids raised by strangers and/or having too much time alone - i WON'T contribute to that.

i think i might get into some advertising on here if it could prove to pan out. that would mean any of you fabulous peeps out there reading this will have to click on to follow me. see, advertisers don't like advertising where people don't go. huh. go figure. no worries. i wouldn't have anything annoying, no pop ups, and no screen stealers. lemme know what you think, fill me in if you have any advice or tips, and KEEP READING!

oh yeah! i DID start reading 'this perfect day' again. almost done, and am in love with it all over again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


feeling a little mixed up today.
i question certain friendshipS. yes, more than one.
sure do wish i could be nicer, so i could keep people like that hanging around to fuck me over even more! that would be awesome!
ooo, and people involving me in their shit...that's my favorite!
have you met me? rest assured that i will pull some iconoclastic heroism on what i believe about what you believe...don't like it....or me?
sometimes i have a big mouth, so fuck off.
fuck it.
i'm gone.
got shit to do.

stay tuned...we will soon be back to regular programming.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

gitcha sum buuk lernin

i realized my last post was somewhat of a splurge on the vast array of reading material in my personal library here at home. i quite enjoy several slots on the literary integrity scale! i thought i might pay tribute to my FAVORITE book now. i love love love it, and will probably read it yet again when i come to the dreaded end of my new favorite storybook....19 of 28 chapters gone to the mind banks...eek!

one of my most treasured pieces is a 1970 first print from random house of
THIS PERFECT DAY, by ira levin. i thnk i've read it at least 10 times. 3 of which were before i realized that mr. levin also authored 'a kiss before dying', 'stepford wives' and 'rosemary's baby'!

to quote from the wikigods:

Levin attended Drake University. At Drake, he regularly played poker with other notables, such as Martin Erlichman and Eugene Schulman (both before and after Schulman married Helen Glazer in 1949). In addition to Drake, Levin graduated from the Horace Mann School and New York University, where he majored in philosophy and English.

After college, he wrote training films and scripts for television. The first of these was Leda’s Portrait, for Lights Out in 1951.

Levin's first produced play was No Time for Sergeants (adapted from Mac Hyman's novel), a comedy about a hillbilly drafted into the United States Air Force that launched the career of Andy Griffith. The play was turned into a movie in 1958, and co-starred Don Knotts, Griffith's long-time co-star and friend. No Time for Sergeants is generally considered the precursor to Gomer Pyle, USMC.[citation needed]

Levin's first novel, A Kiss Before Dying, was well received, earning him the 1954 Edgar Award for Best First Novel. A Kiss Before Dying was turned into a movie twice, first in 1956, and again in 1991.

Levin's best-known play is Deathtrap, which holds the record as the longest-running comedy-thriller on Broadway and brought Levin his second Edgar Award. In 1982, it was made into a film starring Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine.

Levin's best-known novel is Rosemary's Baby, a horror story of modern day Satanism and other occultisms, set in Manhattan's Upper West Side. In 1968, it was made into a film starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes. Ruth Gordon won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance. Roman Polanski, who wrote and directed the film, was nominated for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.

Other Levin novels were turned into movies, including The Boys from Brazil in 1978; The Stepford Wives in 1975 and again in 2004; and Sliver in 1993. Currently a new version of The Boys from Brazil is in development for 2009.

Stephen King has described Ira Levin as "the Swiss watchmaker of suspense novels, he makes what the rest of us do look like cheap watchmakers in drugstores." Chuck Palahniuk, in Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories, calls Levin's writing "a smart, updated version of the kind of folksy legends that cultures have always used."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

atrophicious - is that even a word?

i read too fast. that is a problem of mine, only because it leads me to the dreaded 'thinking time' when i've devoured everything readable. i've been getting back into reading actual stories more and more these days now that i have more time alotted for such certain 'luxuries'. i used to read all the time, every day. on the bus, lunchbreaks, morning, evening, and middle of the night. in the tub, passenger seat, park or waiting room....and even though it was usually a book, it didn't have to be. newspapers, online articles, archie comics, or the cereal box. anything and everything - all the time. my mom even used to bug me about having to come right up to me to call me for dinner while i was reading because i didn't hear her calling me! falling asleep was never an option without a book, unless i had something else to tire me out, wink wink.

then, i fell into the land of no sleep whatsoever and couldn't physically read because my eyes were burning and fell out of the reading habit. i just found that the only use for a book in bed after babies was as a pillow. it wasn't for lack of trying, though. i just had too many books that went unfinished because of lack of time or simple concentration at that point in my life. thank goodness that's changing. i really enjoy reading, and it's not something i was happy about giving up. i read almost every baby book out there, but soon enough the knowledge saturates and begins overlapping. i subscribe to my daily regional paper and a couple magazines, but that's not enough. i go through the local newspapers, all my son's school stuff, and still source info online about various topics. still not enough!

i told tharen that i had wanted that new 'twilight' book to read by stephanie meyer. i knew i wanted to read it before seeing the movie, like i usually would, if possible. well smack me like a fish! it was awesome! so awesome that i went right out and bought the second book in the series. and now i'm on the third, waiting for the fourth. i love the way it's written, even though it really is a teenager series! it IS set partly in a high school, but the language and tones would suggest a sophistication satisfactory to an adult audience. note the teen classing as more of a rule against foul language and sex, which i find refreshing. there's simply too much of that getting jammed down our throats incessantly. i think i've mentioned that before.

i must stress: do not get me wrong...i thoroughly enjoy sex, and i think you've heard me swear....i'm just sick of it being everycrazywhere, all the crazytime! i felt that way even before i had kids, so it's not about that. maybe it's the years of having worked 5 feet away from random revolving naked snatches first desensitizing and then repulsing me. maybe it was the anonymity that life assumes aside my opposing need for connection and meaning. i dunno. maybe i'm a bunched up ol' granny, but i don't think so.

whatever shall i do while i'm waiting for the next installment of the 'twilight' series? there will be a time soon when the third book, 'eclipse' is finished and i shall be dreaded to come up with things such as the sadness in some of my realizations.

like that one where i hate the devil's epiphany and joyous revery upon discovery that some of the basic fibres of morality and values seem to have atrophied....leads me to this:

read this book...i have, a few times:

'the tipping point' by malcolm gladwell


or at least check out this link:


and finally, answers from the author:


adios, muchachos

i'd say it's a little weird

pursuant to my last post, said wife has been located. as it turns out, she needed a couple days to 'figure things out' and my friend is clueless as to why.

now, i figure it's 'cause she's fallen for one of the people that come into their 'open relationship' [read: fucking companionship], or he truly is a dumb ass male and doesn't know what he said or did to offend his righteous goddess. she still (as far as i know) hasn't spoken to him, and the police said she would call when she's 'ready' [read: done fucking].

i know i'm fairly judgemental here. i know i don't have all the information and i really barely know him anymore, AND i'm not sure why i care anyway. well, i really don't, but it's just that dream.....

are you ready for this? this is what i know about what really happened:
well, she threw on her grey hoodie, took a walk up the road, sat on the steps on the walkway around the lake, cried for a while, then got a friend to come pick her up.

huh. i don't know about the part with people splitting off into groups, though.

anyway, i'm sufficiently spooked again.
peace out.


thought i'd better check in. not too much going on, but i want to stay close to the computer for a few. see, my old friend's wife seems to have gone missing. they live a province away, but i still can't tear myself away just yet. i sent him a message saying i wanted to copy her picture and put it out to the people i know and that i had this dream last night.

fuck. they don't happen often, but to borrow a term: when it does, it do. (thanx janis....miss u, btw...) not much happened in the dream, and i didn't even make sense of it at the time. i originally put it off as the wine and lobster i imbibed with last night for my 6th anniversary dinner with tharen....which was awesome. fuck, can i cook!?! i took yesterday to remind him why he married me with a clean house, meal to drool for, cared for kidlets, and some sweetness. heh heh, i mentioned that to him and he said, "that's not why!"....but i went on to explain that it wasn't about why he LOVES me, just why he married me! heh heh...anyway, it was a pretty good day, aside from me still being ill. (that's why i haven't been on here much...my arms feel like lead cannisters....much too heavy to type with)

so - the dream. okay. i've never met the missing woman. my friend married her just over a year ago in his new town. he has a fairly successful business going on, and apparently they don't fight too much. just normal, aside from the whole 'open relationship' bullshit (which i don't get). i'm only in contact with him because we found each other (not sure who found who) on the social networking site we use. we caught up a bit, had a few interactions because of mutual friends, but that's it. no general contact at all, but i have seen a couple wedding pictures of the wife. and then i have this dream.

by a lake on a porch. brunette female in a grey zip hoodie sitting there crying. undecypherable yelling from a trailer. skip to next scene of a crowd of people dividing into groups.

and that's it. which isn't much. like i said, i didn't make anything of it at first. i thought it might even be me, but couldn't figure out why. THEN. i get onto networking site and see that my old friend seems to be missing his wife since yesterday noon when she went for a walk. cops involved and all that. fuck me if my head didn't start screaming into my brain!

i don't really know what to do about it....it's kind of hard to tell people that you have dreams like this. and i do. for real. dreamed deaths of uncle, grandpa, god-brother, princess diana, jfk jr., and a friend, among others. there also have been situations that happened in my dreams. and deja-vu? ALL THE TIME! knowing who it is when the phone rings? ALL THE TIME! gut feelings about people and been totally right? ALL THE TIME! i swear to god, or whomever the fuck needs to be sworn at. as if i would want to admit i can do that. but i have.

perhaps this is why my head always feels like it's yelling at itself.

oh ya - my title. i was walking around in my yard and noticed that spring seems to have sprung. i'm gonna have to work on getting that laptop if you ever wanna hear from me in the summer! donations?