Thursday, May 21, 2009

friendly neighbourhood blogger

time for a daily dose of me. you ready?

i have nothing fantastical to report...just some updates regarding certain things.

1.) carpet? it's gone, gone, gone! tharen installed some 'hard wood' laminate and it looks great. we just have to do the finishing on the room transitions and trim, then we're done!

2.) illnesses? well, you heard about jack in the hospital. it took him a few days to recover, but it was a little serious for a bit. given the history of e. coli infections and noro viruses, i'm glad i took him in to see a pediatrician. HOWEVER! jared got sick, only not as bad, and then i did! no wonder, with the amount of puke splatter i had the joy to partake with! i was out of commission for a handful of days and lost 10 pounds that i'm really not interested in finding. it's a good thing, because i needed a little trimming, but that tells you how sick i was for a few days! tharen actually had to stay in from work, and that bites. ...on a side note: i had a few people mention to me that i should feel lucky to have had that help from him. while i do, i can't help to think that the persons' snottiness towards me had more to do with their own wishes for their past lives. of COURSE my husband stayed home. that's how a good family works. pay attention to your own, which could really use the attention. i'm not about to feel guilty for having a good life, so get over yourselves. oh. and not eating chips anymore helps with the whole weight loss thing a lot.

3.) i am still me, and i feel the need to ask: how many digs does somebody get in before i grab my shovel? seriously? get on fixing your own life and personality fails. i'll fix mine. perception rules, so get your head outta your ass, wipe off the asshole attitude, and we'll get along fine. but that's just my opinion, and a bitchy one at that. if i want advice, i'll ask for it. i'm pretty comfortable with my own decision making skills, are you? again. perception rules. oops. i think i've been bitching too long. have you had your eye on the clock instead of being a good friend? i wouldn't time someone's epiphany scale. that's the tip of the ice burg, and seriously rude. wow. i sure am glad this isn't public yet.

4.) tharen's myspace! yay! still workin' away. he chose a name that i've mumbled about our family for years. a suprise for me, but i love it. no, i can't tell you, lol! i wish i could, because all you lovelies would be graced to listen....maybe one day.

5.) tharen's other projects - i haven't spoken much about, but there's the one in the competition i was talking about....seth, the singer and project leader, has asked me to do their myspace as well. now. can we understand why i'm a little hesitant? at first it was a little here, a little there, but now he wants me full on. i told him i'm wary of it, & he'd have to pay me for my services as well as tharen. HE says he's a close, personal friend of the weed fairy, and she pays accordingly. huh. contrary to popular belief, i DO in fact have too much to fill my days already and have squandered it away on the phone and computer too often! SO! everything i should be doing just keeps piling up, because i refuse to give up playing with the boys. i have to curb my phone appetite and go back to not answering the phone all the time....except for VIPs! (you know who YOU are!) but even still...that has to be tamed too, because before you know it, the day is always over!

6.) oh, one more forgotten rant: f.y.i.: talking about voting is NOT discussing politics. once more, i realize that the things people say to me have a lot more to do with their selves than me. fuck off with the righteous asshole shit already, and let's have a conversation like a grown up does.

my window is closing now...i have to go get jack from school, run errands, build on myspace, write a letter, make 4 phone calls, write two bios and compile a resume. fun times....but i like it. oh. then i should work on cleaning this place we need to do all this living in!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the man wants a page!

so, after about 4 years of me trying to get the dude onto myspace, tharen finally wants a page! that's where i'm spending the next week probably. i'll be using knowledge accumulated thus far, as well as whatever useful tidbits you lovelies pass along to me.

here's the deal. as you know, tharen's a musical god-like genius that can play anything, anytime. i'm not kidding. he has been given the gift of electric guitar strings for veins, but he also masters the bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, and vocal mic with a little piano thrown in for good measure. get it? measure? i'm very punny, you know. he's had so many of his ideas used and abused for so long that he's ecstatic to be able to develop himSELF finally.

some of the enthralling news you've been missing out on due to my inexcusable absence is that tharen is no longer a member of tossing logic due to a mutual sense of hating it. tharen's been hating it for a while, but felt strapped in because of the events going on that were to make them huge. it didn't happen (yet), but of course we still want them to sell millions of albums. money in the bank, right? not too sure about that, because you'd think it would've happened by now. whatever. tharen has been coming home unhappy after TL events for quite some time. this break up may have quite a bit to do with them not enjoying their '5th member' (apparently me), but i hope they enjoy the new one! (waylon's girl). i don't even want to discuss that garbage. check my labels for 'band drama', familiarize yourself with the story, and use your imagination. long story short? wtf did the snot faced twat THINK was gonna happen when threatening my husband's band/supposed livlihood with hater spewed opinion pieces, accompanied with venue desertion and boos? silly little tree. what kinda tree?

country sucks.

at least i never tried to tell them how music is done. i like to promote things like practice, passion, vision, networks...exposure, image.....and especially grammar and spelling, so they don't seem like a bunch of illiterate know. anyway. chapter complete. thank christ. i haven't seen tharen this happy about his possibilities for a while now, and we won't be stuck with whiny bitchfests again! well, i'm sure we will eventually, but at least there will be cash involved, or a general 'fuck it-edness' about it. i know he doesn't want to waste any more time now that some has come available with the growing up of the kids. jack and jared require a little less solely dedicated time as the years tick by, it's just that tharen sometimes has a hard time pulling himself out of his self imposed holes to see his horizon of the future.

tharen's got a handful of other things going on right now. one band he's hired for just entered a popular competition and we'll see if they make the top 20 at the end of the week. another band he's hired for is some butterfly chasing rainbow puking country endeavor, but it's with a good friend of ours, the singer is super hot, and she has a distribution deal. *cha-ching!* then there's one other developing project he's a part of that i will have so much fun promoting when the time is right. it's a little more personal to me, considering i know and love everyone involved. the love of my life gets to beef up the crunch level with another of my most favorite people on the planet. (that's you, jeff!) and a good friend of theirs. oh! and finally, there's tharen's own music that he vows to "never give away the best stuff" anymore, lol! he'll finally have more than five minutes at the end of the night to work on things before he has to get some sleep.

the next while will be pacing the game on development and networking, so stay tuned for my journey! it's gonna be interesting! the path is bound to be a winding muddled incline, but we will deliver the goods required for greatness! there's also bound to be some laughs while tharen learns how to use pro tools and refinishes the garage into a new and improved studio.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

politwitical leanings

hello, there! it's been a while, and not for lack of enthralling news, here we have a political piece.

this is a link to a letter from a new friend of mine to a local rag:

i agree wholeheartedly, and i thank everyone who did vote, because it does matter. even if your party of choice did not get elected with a majority, you can still have your voice heard. write a letter. make a phone call. your local mla is your friend, and he/she wants to know what you think. people who don't understand the issues and choose not to vote - it only starts with your first article. google 'canadian government issues' follow any links you see...knowledge is power. voting makes you feel strong - try might like it.

if you are a canadian citizen, you are just as worthy of having your voice heard as the politwits in parliament, white collar joe, blue collar steve, or suzy homemaker up the street.

~thank you, peace out~