Saturday, January 24, 2009

so much

i really, really, really shouldn't be blogging right now, damn it! i am SUCH a procrastinator, it's pathetic.


i have tons of housework and just picked up my new babysitters (sisters, 13 and 14). they're tharen's workmate's kids and they've known us since b4 the boys were born. they have the boys outside right now, so it's actually quiet in here. they team up quite well, and i can see this working out just fine. there's a mellowish one and a wacknut one, just like mine!

you'll probably find that i tend to write sporadically and at odd hours. keep in mind that i draft-draft-draft, analyze-analyze-analyze before i post. it could very well have taken me three to eleven days to compose whichever post you see. i tend to refer to myself as the spelling police on grammar patrol, so deal with it! ever since i got mommy brain, i am constantly in the process of completing any number of chores, tasks, errands, games, picture or craft projects simultaneously at any given time. trust me - it'll hurt me more than it'll hurt you.
on that note: breaktime! (see?)
ever hear of adult-onset a.d.d.? jeezuz.

~7 minutes later...
i just tried to call my wondermuffin and she's probably got the phone turned off so she doesn't have to hear the beeping from my LAST message! lol! so it's her fault i'm blogging now. actually, you can just go ahead and blame most things on juicycake. she's a trooper! AND she knows what's up, so don't fuck it! (ahem - unLESS she tells you to!)

anyhoo, she's got issues with the pseudonym sera. huh. so now i have to think of a new one for the super duper dork. huh. whatever shall i choose? i wanted to use one particular name, but it would be glaringly, blazingly identifying, so NOPE! then i thought: hmmmm what about hummer? *hahahaha* seriously, it has to do with a gift, but NOPE!

i also have to take into account the conglomerate of US. does KAREN sound good with teague? no. does EVELYN sound good with teague? how 'bout ALICE? NO! well, i was thinking about it and i came up with janis. janis 'n' teague...teague 'n''ll have to do. it suits her, trust me. joo like?

anyway, onto my new hobby. blogging is a little odd for me. i never really got into the whole cyber community thing. i chat and communicate online with friends and everything, but never felt the need to socialize with strangers, i guess. never had a problem finding a date or plans on a friday night, so i guess i thought i was too busy for that or something. sometimes i think that i might've been better off, though! some of the SHIT i've been through dealing with you humans is revolting! i'm sure you'll hear about some of it, but i'll also fill you in on the good times.

i don't really feel like this is communicating, but i keep in my mind that SOMEONE might read this, so i'm writing to YOU. comment at will, but prepare for my delete if you're rude or completely WAY to concerned with MY life choices.....and i'm not talking about differing opinions - i'm talking about disrespect. i've had enough of that, i tell ya, and i am SO not in the mood. i'm looking for encouragement and critisism...ix-nay on the ackass-jay! if you wanna fail on me, you'd better come up with some good ammo or i'll destroy it. that's just what i do. and i refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person...wrap your head around that. this is ultimately for me, so eat it. i may just keep printouts and publish a hard copy....i've been told more than once that i should compile my brain blurbs...maybe, enough with the threats cuz i'm starting to scare myself! *hahaha* it is what it is. judge not, pickle-face!

last night turned out to be some good fun. i got to go on a date with all my boys! tharon's drummer's girlfriend's (!) teenage son had birthday recently and we all went out to a restaurant/pub for a party. there were a few different musician friends doing acoustic sets, and it was perfect for all the kids to run around and have fun. jack was such a little gentleman, opening doors, helping me with my chair and asking me to dance...i was in heaven! except for him peeing his pants not 30 minutes after we arrived, he had an awesome time...we just cleaned him up and had him sit by the fireplace for a while! *hahaha*

little jared took a few to warm up, but as usual turned into his normal screeching monkey self soon enough! he is an entertainer for the masses, i tell ya! it sure was nice to take them to a restaurant scene where they could have fun without getting dirty looks from all the perfect parental units! don't get me wrong, they're normally really good in restaurants, but i mean that we had one whole side of the building to ourselves, so they could have freedom....the waitresses were really good there,and so was the food.....not to mention the entertainment, which i refrain to name. haHA!

a miracle happened last night, too....tharen's band was all in one place together for a SOCIAL event! that NEVER happens, oddly enough. this band has one of the weirder dynamics i've come across in my 20 year career as a band aficionado. aside from rehearsal, they don't really hang out all together. i love the music they make, and that's another odd thing, because they hardly jam it seems! sometimes i wonder how they do it, but i guess that's the magic! i'd love to plug them here, but NOPE! absoLUTEly NOT! i'm sure there will be many a bitch session regarding those pea brained whiners.

again, don't get me wrong - i'd say most of these things to them, but just don't wanna fuckin' HEAR about it! just trust me, you and millions of others would love them. i love them all in their own special way, some more than others, but aside from one (well, two) of them, i could do without. it regularly seems to tharen that he's wasting his time. someone's always whining about something instead of just getting up there and loving it like they say they do. tharen's not even playing the instrument he's been given the gift for, and they act like they're doing him a favour by letting him have one of his own fucking cd's!

that part could be part tharen's fault, too, because he chooses not to discuss the other projects he's always got going on. i think if he did, they might realize he's a lot more valuable and has people knocking on his door willing to PAY. if tharen were to get the golden opportunity, i could totally see them BITCHING about how it affects THEM. i say: GOOD RIDDANCE! *hahaha*
it's hilarious. why can't they just have a good time and not WHINE so fucking MUCH?
me no know, and it hurts my head. and with all the girlfriends, ex's, ex baby daddies, and pathetic going on, sometimes i wanna retch.

so i'm gonna go have another break

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