Saturday, January 31, 2009


so i just got a message from a friend on a social networking site we all use. technically, it's for tharon, but i couldn't help but reply before i even talked to him this time. contrary to their belief that i just go ahead and make decisions FOR him, he usually hears about it all and has the same response. when our opinions differ, i go with his decision because it IS his decision. there have been times where i didn't respond to the juvenile banter specifically because tharen said not to...he always knows before i send something in response to them....except for this time, and i only did because we've already been through this with their management team production proposal.

i talk to tharon usually several times throughout the day because otherwise it's hard having a conversation while the boys are accosting their daddy after being gone all day. therefore, me being appointed as tharon's logistical whore and daytime jackass liason, i do the communication. the message was between a friend and each of the guys in the band which i will name.....'tossing logic'. if you knew the scenario, you'd accept that this is a fully deserved name. they toss logic all the time for the sake of being right, more important, or just plain louder.

anyway, he said exactly what i said (no) before i even told him i replied, so it's good to know we're on the same page, heh heh. at first half the guys were against, but read on:

see, a handful of months ago, tharon's band was offered a contract with a ummm, DISreputable agency. it's not even that they have NO reputation, but the one they have is questionable, sketchy and spotty. trust me, i looked into them. and by that, i mean i found out more than google can tell me. i'm just not interested in attending functions where we have to worry about being shot because of the other talents' entourages throwin' shapes over a homie deal gone bad. all the singer, waylon (named for the fact that he's always wailin' about somethin') thinks about is the fact that he's known him for some time and doesn't wanna think bad things. oobie boobie, grow up. your good friend got involved with the wrong company, waylon! but i can't blame him for being hopeful. this is his first band, for cryin' out loud!

beside the sour tone i detected upon my mention of the company in question to my sources, the contract they gave them to look at was retarded. severely. severely fucking retarded is what i loudly said! then, they went and paid $500 to their industry lawyer to tell them just that. i think his exact quote read, "run as fast as you can & stay far, farrrrr away from these guys." but why would you want to listen to me? teague's just a drunken freak takin' on like the paparazzi and flappin' her yap when you act like a freak. don't want me to call you a fucking embarrasment? then don't cry on my doorstep.

anyhoo, the management/promoter/pigslut guy has taken it upon himself to market the band and for reasons unknown discuss this with the friend -whom i shall name suzy, as in suzy mary sunshine. she has zero experience outside of the real world...she worked at the gas company for 25 years before taking an offered buyout while her 18 year old son was being held while on trial for murder. yeah, that's what i said. i'll further contemplate the confusion that is her later, but suffice it to say that she has better things to worry about. she's the kind of woman who needs distracters from real life so as not to have to deal.

anyway, so we'll see how that pans out. tharen's at practice/bitch session right now. i guess the guys want to hear the scumbag out, and we'll see if my friend is still going to be involved. well, waylon would sign anything 'cause he's a puppy. the drummer, Monty, is getting old and has never been on a 'tour' past the valley. lead guitar? well, martin's been past africa already, & he would take a day off work for the opportunity to skepticize! lol! anyway, they just say they wanna promote tossing logic. i'd say eat me, but then, i'm not in the band.

janis told me a few things about uh.......clay's his name, the music group dude....apparently he's quite a dirty dog, that fucker! nothing that would affect musicianship, however the kind of cheap ass, fuck you over, slick prick shit that makes me wanna retch. not interested in dealing with fucking gross pose boyeeez to make a living. they (t.l.) are so above it, but can't see how high up they are because of the massive cloud of suckwhine they're sitting on. i SO wanna tell you who they are so you can see all the media they're in. i'm talkin' weekly t.v., big budget movies, respectable sales, online merch store, active gigging, radio play...they have: 2 albums, investors, production crew, and a networks comin' out their sweaty ying yang. so what's the problem?

i think i feel above it because tharen's always got other stuff going on. and some of the songs he's written give me a tingling....and not just in my pants! i know what he's capable of, and wonder what could be happening if he were more ambitious. he likes to talk about having no time now, which is totally true, but why not before? i mean he was 33 before i came around, and i've never stopped him from jamming or recording weeks. i do nothing but encourage it unless i get one of my gut feelings about people. i'm not sure why, but it's usually right. anytime i've not listened to my gut is when i've gotten myself into trouble. all i have to do is learn how to stop for a fucking second sometimes to give my gut an opportunity to speak!

i KNOW t.l. can be good, but i don't know if it will be. i'm not sure how much more time should be wasted on this project but alas, it is not up to me. maybe one day i'll let him make me sing and we shall enchant the globe, HA! he says it's good, but i'm, not sure i have the cahonays (?) to entertain a crowd knowingly. one at a time, baby, one at a time.

g'night, silles

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