Monday, February 2, 2009

how was my weekend?

so here's the deal....i don't know exactly what i'm writing today. many ideas, but no set theme. a breakdown of my weekend, if you will - but it wasn't really an exciting one. you'll have to wait for next weekend for that!

so friday....what happened friday? tharen was at a practice with tossing logic, so......laundry. loads and loads and loads of laundry. fun stuff. i stayed in and was supposedly supposed to get stuff done, but i sat in front of my computer for three hours and didn't accomplish much. OH! except that i shopped this blog around a little and got an excellent review from kim. (thanx!) so that's a plus - i didn't think this would be very interesting to someone who doesn't know me.

saturday daytime sucked it, mostly cuz i got rooked out of my babysitters. i had been putting off stuff to do, and tharen worked, so i didn't get much of anything done AGAIN. but then it was ok, cuz i got to go on a date with all my guys again. we went for wicked burgers and then swimming at the pool, which is always fun. jack's getting closer to actually swimming now, so that makes me feel great. swimming is probably one of the most important things i think you can teach your kid, obviously. sometimes i meet adults who don't know how to swim and i'm like: wtf? how does that happen? who raised you? weird.

sunday was cool. we were gonna hit the chinese new year parade, but the weather wasn't cooperating, so i got to sleep in! we had a birthday party for waylon's girl's daughter to go to, and that was ok. i suppose the babies were cute, heh other ones there besides ours and martin's. also odd, but considering the age of waylon's girlfriend, probably not many of her friends have kids yet. i'm kinda glad i got to see her outside of the bar scene. i'm having a really hard time deciding how i feel about her. ....but that's ok - it seems as if she likes herself enough for all of us!

anyway, then we went to a friend's house for a super bowl party....that we almost jammed out of...and won $250!! so THAT was the super coolest part of my weekend! the hosts, our friend's neighbour, have the same last name as my maiden name, AND their house is for sale! it's a very interesting home with tons of the amenities we're looking for.

does anyone have 100K i could have?

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