Monday, February 16, 2009

artist management?

so i've just been informed that tossing logic is going ahead and doing this deal with that fucking jackass. i just received the press kit with this dude's name splashed all over it listed as management. i guess martin called and told tharen that they're going through with it to see what happens. whatever. he can't go on a tour anyway, so that bites. at least the copyrights are down - the residuals shall suffice. they can hire some other dude to go live like a pig for a month and then barely get paid. for what? livin' the rock dream? gimme a fuckin' break. if i could even beGIN to count how many bands i've seen in this's a sad statement, but not many make it, and i've got a family to think about.

i'm not sure why i'm so against this, but my head is screaming at me. i sure as fuck don't want to be socializing with that crew, and wish they wouldn't, either. it's not like this is the first time, though. and it won't be the last. offers come and go and come again, just like opportunities. problem is, someone's always busy bitching! and there's some question out there as to why no one will touch them and it's so difficult to break them out. i mean, fuck. it's been five years with wicked exposure! what the hell?

man i wish i lived far, far away sometimes. i should be happy for them, but i'm totally NOT, and my gut's been right too many times to ignore.

fuckin' 40 year olds and their pipe dreams. if you love music so much, then play music! sorry, but i'm not risking my livlihood for a flash in the pan. i'm too jaded. or maybe i can also admit that they're not the best band out there. just 'cause it's true doesn't make it my fault.

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