Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cancer update

well, i just talked to my brother for the first time since sunday and have an update on the whole cancer shituation [sic].

just in case you're interested, milly's mom (let's name her muriel, and here's why:)

Muriel Angel of Emotions encourages the awareness of emotions

(maybe i will be blessed with the understanding of how i feel about all this, and/or give all them the strength to know how to get through this)

.....muriel has been at one of her 4 kid's place for a few days now. there are 3 boys, and then milly's the youngest at 39. there are bunches of grandkids and step families around them.

it was radiation they last zapped her main tumor with, and it seems to have taken a nip, so they're gonna take her back into the hospital on friday to rev her up for chemo and administer her weekly body scan.

one week after this coming saturday, she will receive another scan. if those results show the chemo not having an effect, treatment will be stopped with no plan for heart surgery on the leaky valve caused by the tumor.

what a grand valentine's that will be.

~over and out~

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