Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i'd say it's a little weird

pursuant to my last post, said wife has been located. as it turns out, she needed a couple days to 'figure things out' and my friend is clueless as to why.

now, i figure it's 'cause she's fallen for one of the people that come into their 'open relationship' [read: fucking companionship], or he truly is a dumb ass male and doesn't know what he said or did to offend his righteous goddess. she still (as far as i know) hasn't spoken to him, and the police said she would call when she's 'ready' [read: done fucking].

i know i'm fairly judgemental here. i know i don't have all the information and i really barely know him anymore, AND i'm not sure why i care anyway. well, i really don't, but it's just that dream.....

are you ready for this? this is what i know about what really happened:
well, she threw on her grey hoodie, took a walk up the road, sat on the steps on the walkway around the lake, cried for a while, then got a friend to come pick her up.

huh. i don't know about the part with people splitting off into groups, though.

anyway, i'm sufficiently spooked again.
peace out.

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