Monday, March 23, 2009

a poem, if you will...

bear with me, friends...this is the first poem with nature as a stimulus that i have ever written, with a glimpse of the scene that inspired it....

Today is the Day I Awoke

Mossy trees
with ancient grace
towering up above me.
Chirpy birds
are feeding babes
ducking through clouds, they flee.

Dewey grass
perking right up
again greeting spring, I see.
Cool filtered sun
shyly peeking,
I have a commodity.

Crazy boys
on the other hand,
trash my reverie.
Bounding down
the puddled road,
abandoned sense of carefree.

Life awaits -
way far away,
saddled with calamity.
I awake -
now spring is here.
To nature I pay MY fees.


(c) cb'09

i shall return.

1 comment:

uncertain girl said...

I'll always read and enjoy your poetry, but, alas, poetry is not my forte. I wouldn't even know how to gush properly...

Know that I'm gushing at your brilliance. ;)