Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it was a fishy date

...and i think i smell like shark bait!

i think they're 'off the hook', though - so to speak...*groan*...the sign reads, "blah, blah, blah, not responsible for wet clothes due to shark frenzy."

MAN! did it EVER reek like dinner back there!

warning: i'm very punny, you know.

i went on a date with all my guys tonight to the aquarium store, and it was deadly! heh, literally! jack and jared love it there, but tonight was the first time we got to see the shark feed! ooooo, it was neato mosquito!

first of all, what you see is tank after tank of gorgeousness! tonnes of live coral, weird shit, cool shit, pretty things, suckers, blowers and annihilators. at the very back of the store you'll find the massive 2500 gallon tank full of JAWS babies searchin' for the nearest free lunch or hand, you know...whichever. did it ever go fast! i wonder if they feed them other than the weekly show...something for all you p.e.t.a. folks to pet.

anyway, right after you get past the initial awe, you move on to the second stage, which is: hey! there's like, 5 sharks in here...and a giant eel, AND a great big other somethin' or other! do they have enough room? (answer: NO) . you then slip back into the experience with awe, only to be awakened so rudely when you get splashed with water over the edge of the enclosure from the brutal frenzy going on once the dead fish chunks are dropped in! i thought it seemed kinda gross, what with the smelly chunks and all, but i was hastily corrected by a stray ankle biting six year old that it was "cool", and his 5 year old yard ape little brother wanted to know if i knew that "water is good for me?". snotty little shits! kidding...they were cute 'n' stuff, too.

anyway, once they've all gotten a good chunk (the sharks), there's some peaceful roaming, the odd nudge, and then WHAP! the giant eel springs from his hiding place under the coral, stretches up straight to the water's break the split second he sees an opening and snags the last chunk...he then proceeds to wiggle back down into his makeshift dining room to (gag) do that thing i've seen snakes do when they eat (gag).um, snakes creep me out. eels in water - i can live with 'em, but snakes? things without legs SHOULD NOT move. i once saw my friend feed his giant snake a rabbit in one blocked off room of his house off the living room. i tried not to see it, but out of the corner of my eye, i saw the fucking thing LEAP through the air and snag the bunny. cute, right? (gag) then when i was leaving, i couldn't help but to look over and i saw it fucking gagging in reverse to get the furry fellow down. oh! did i forget to mention the crunch? (gag) but i digress...

here's some loveliness from my evening, enjoy:

see the starfish? it's there!
peek-a-boo, stingray dude!
the electric blue crayfish, elles & g's!

a piranha...scaaaaaary stuff! this one was freakin' out on my camera!

this one is so super cute it could also almost have
it's own super freakin' cute installment!
i'd leave you with it if...
...i didn't want to know WTF this thing is...anyone?

oh. & i found nemo.



uncertaingirl said...

All the cool pictures you put up were awesome but totally forgotten with the, 'oh. & i found nemo.' I laughed so hard I farted!!

Jogasaurus said...

hey! those fish and "things" really are something...i wish i could bring my 2 bagets there too! I haven't been more than 1 week in Manila since i moved here in faraway Batangas (Ala eh)! And I love to show Scout the real Nemo! She's just so amazed by that clown fish our vcd is so "gasgas" with so many showings in the DVD!
Anyhow, thanks for dropping by my site and leaving yer comment on Jet Li's making faces...
Have a great week!!!

Jogasaurus said...

hey again! oh if i ever seemed like a jerk if i thought the aquarium store is in Manila, forgive me...he he he...there's that same thing in Rizal Park...Ocean Park (if my brain serves me right this time)...
he he he...