Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i lost five pounds!

oh, wait....that was just my sweaters....yes, sweaterS. no more f-f-f-freezing!

today was a beautiful, sunny day and i took advantage of it by working in my yard. back to one of my top favorite pastimes! i've been checking my plants with all the new growth and deciding where everything is going to go. i have this bamboo patch that i'm awfully proud of. maybe i'll post some pictures so you can be proud, too! ~kidding~ seriously, though, i'm a little dorky that way.

last year at this time all i could talk about is how i got
13 new hostas out of 4 previous pots!
yep -
splittin' hostas is where it's at!
just so's ya knows: none of these pictures are mine.

i'm reminded of a home depot commercial from '07 or '08 where the husband and wife (presumably) are watching the outside thermometer and eagerly awaiting warmth. then, the second the expanding mercury hits the tube's 15° mark, the scene brightens and they go running outside their home depot bought french doors flailing their arms above their heads! setting up their home depot tables, cranking their home depot table umbrellas, planting home depot flowers in the home depot dirt filled garden, and firing up the home depot barbeque!

yeah. they got the idea from ME!

bring it on, lady nature!

"okay, teaguealeaguer, i'll see what i can do..."

anywhere between 20 & 30ยบ will be fine, thanks!

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