Wednesday, March 4, 2009

atrophicious - is that even a word?

i read too fast. that is a problem of mine, only because it leads me to the dreaded 'thinking time' when i've devoured everything readable. i've been getting back into reading actual stories more and more these days now that i have more time alotted for such certain 'luxuries'. i used to read all the time, every day. on the bus, lunchbreaks, morning, evening, and middle of the night. in the tub, passenger seat, park or waiting room....and even though it was usually a book, it didn't have to be. newspapers, online articles, archie comics, or the cereal box. anything and everything - all the time. my mom even used to bug me about having to come right up to me to call me for dinner while i was reading because i didn't hear her calling me! falling asleep was never an option without a book, unless i had something else to tire me out, wink wink.

then, i fell into the land of no sleep whatsoever and couldn't physically read because my eyes were burning and fell out of the reading habit. i just found that the only use for a book in bed after babies was as a pillow. it wasn't for lack of trying, though. i just had too many books that went unfinished because of lack of time or simple concentration at that point in my life. thank goodness that's changing. i really enjoy reading, and it's not something i was happy about giving up. i read almost every baby book out there, but soon enough the knowledge saturates and begins overlapping. i subscribe to my daily regional paper and a couple magazines, but that's not enough. i go through the local newspapers, all my son's school stuff, and still source info online about various topics. still not enough!

i told tharen that i had wanted that new 'twilight' book to read by stephanie meyer. i knew i wanted to read it before seeing the movie, like i usually would, if possible. well smack me like a fish! it was awesome! so awesome that i went right out and bought the second book in the series. and now i'm on the third, waiting for the fourth. i love the way it's written, even though it really is a teenager series! it IS set partly in a high school, but the language and tones would suggest a sophistication satisfactory to an adult audience. note the teen classing as more of a rule against foul language and sex, which i find refreshing. there's simply too much of that getting jammed down our throats incessantly. i think i've mentioned that before.

i must stress: do not get me wrong...i thoroughly enjoy sex, and i think you've heard me swear....i'm just sick of it being everycrazywhere, all the crazytime! i felt that way even before i had kids, so it's not about that. maybe it's the years of having worked 5 feet away from random revolving naked snatches first desensitizing and then repulsing me. maybe it was the anonymity that life assumes aside my opposing need for connection and meaning. i dunno. maybe i'm a bunched up ol' granny, but i don't think so.

whatever shall i do while i'm waiting for the next installment of the 'twilight' series? there will be a time soon when the third book, 'eclipse' is finished and i shall be dreaded to come up with things such as the sadness in some of my realizations.

like that one where i hate the devil's epiphany and joyous revery upon discovery that some of the basic fibres of morality and values seem to have atrophied....leads me to this:

read this book...i have, a few times:

'the tipping point' by malcolm gladwell

or at least check out this link:

and finally, answers from the author:

adios, muchachos

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