Monday, March 16, 2009

waffles and eggs it is!

it's spring break!
oh, joy.
it doesn't really make for all that much difference around here, what with the two year old and all....and jack's only in kindergarten, so that's only half a day. BUT it is half a day that i don't HAVE to be sociable. half a day that i don't have to get dressed. half a day that i don't have to run around as soon as i get up in the morning, which i HATE. half a day when my boogies get to stay in their pj's as long as they want.
except for today, that is.
today, i had to deal with poop first thing, little guys up too early, and whining. wicked. it really doesn't help that i was up 'til 2am, either....maybe that's why they seemed to be awake too early! the clock said 7am, just like it does every day! then there's the beer...not much, but enough to make a difference. can't forget about the sore legs either, but we don't need to talk about that. let's just say that tharen and i stayed in this weekend and liked it.
after the whining and poop, i realized that i was out of cigarettes and pepsi (omg) so i had to go to the store, which i also love doing first thing in the morning. upon entering the vehicle, i noticed tharen's pay cheque sitting there. damn it! he was supposed to get that in first thing so we wouldn't miss our astronomical truck payment yet again! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! this meant i had to go to the bank (which wasn't open yet) ! there's a machine, so it wasn't really a big deal, until i got there and noticed some fukwad had mangled the machine trying to fraud the fraudsters. okay. so there's more banks, right? wrong. this particular bank was the only one i could hit the machine smellin' the way i did with my hair the way it was. the only bank where the boys could sit in the truck right beside the little vestibule. the only bank i where i get to blissfully go through life believing, if only for a few sweet seconds, that myself and the lovely machine were the only ones alive on this whacked rock.

SO! silly teague has to go home, brush her hair and teeth, change out of pj pants and throw a bear paw down the boys' throats, and go to the bank where i had to park, get the boys out, walk up around the corner, go INTO the bank, make small talk with the old dude trying to play with the boys, wait to use the machine after some dude who turns around to be a guy i've known since i was like, 14 or something. AWESOME. all before the blessed coffee that i have started to drink so i can make it through the mornings without regularly feeling like i could die at any given moment. andy said i looked good, but i refuse to believe him. i know for a fact that i looked like i weigh 170 lbs with my fleece pants and sweater under the coat gear to try and ward off the chill i had since ripping off the covers to get jared before he pulled down his poopy pants.

anyway, crisis diverted 'til next month. truck payment covered, insurances out the ying yang covered, late rent payment covered. i came home, made the transfers, made some waffles and eggs, and now it's play time before we head out to run more errands. shopping, tending to our friends' fish and frogs, parkification and a stroll. i'm gonna do some contemplating on how to earn some more money without taking away time from my family. that always will be the most important thing to me. family. not how much money my family has, or how big my family's house is, but FAMILY. doing my job, in other words. i will gladly take this little struggle if it means that i've been here when it matters and my kids aren't being raised by strangers. i think i might've pointed out before that i think that's what the problem with the world today is. kids raised by strangers and/or having too much time alone - i WON'T contribute to that.

i think i might get into some advertising on here if it could prove to pan out. that would mean any of you fabulous peeps out there reading this will have to click on to follow me. see, advertisers don't like advertising where people don't go. huh. go figure. no worries. i wouldn't have anything annoying, no pop ups, and no screen stealers. lemme know what you think, fill me in if you have any advice or tips, and KEEP READING!

oh yeah! i DID start reading 'this perfect day' again. almost done, and am in love with it all over again.

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