Thursday, March 19, 2009

was i that naive?

i just read a new blog from waylon's girl about music. fuck. um, what i have to say: duh.

i really hope she doesn't think she came up with those revelations all on her own....but she is young. painfully young....and i'm sure just making these discoveries. the thing that throws me off is that she's quite snobbish. quite. did i mention that she seems to be quite snobbish? yes, snobbish.

i have difficulty with this one. i have to stay as farrrrrrrrr away as possible while still remaining close. i just may say something i might have to think about regretting. it wouldn't be a nice situation for tharen's singer's girl to be my new whipping post - no matter how much ammo she gives me to use. there's so much already, and i barely know her. janis doesn't like her at all, so that doesn't help. i've told j. that she MUST be appropriate around her and then, if the situation requires, clamp my mouth shut with a bear trap so i don't wind up assaulting the young one with all my lovliness.

it makes me wonder about when i was the young one...i'm sure there's no way i ever could've been deemed annoying, right?....right? probably less annoying than now, anyway.

now, i'm just as right, only crankier.


uncertain girl said...

Janis not liking her at all is an understatement. The girl is a silly, obnoxious twit who really DOES need a beating, as well as a verbal slaying. I only play nice cuz you tell me I have to.

Were you that horrid? I dunno. I probably was. I read old diaries and journals and am embarrassed to re-acquaint myself with the old me. *hahahaha*

Creativestudent said...

hello! cool blog - thought I would pop in a say hello! I think you sometimes have to be crewel to be kind! Is that how you spell crewel?! haha! keep up to good work!

pop by soon