Monday, March 30, 2009

stupid girl

well. waylon's girl is officially retarded.
i really don't have much else to say about that except:
STFU, silly bitch!

have i mentioned that she's writing music reviews now? i wish i could send you the link to her blog so you could read for yourself how uneducated she seems with the whole music industry. she's taking well known facts and twisting them to have you believe she's just discovered the mystery to the music making machine.

she chose to do a review of tossing logic. stupid, stupid girl. first of all, she's been around for about 42 seconds. second, she don't know shit about shit. third, i wanna smack her.
yeah, the review wasn't glowing with pride for them, but it's more than that. where the fuck does a stupid little girl get the notion that professional musicians give a fuck what she has to say, anyway?

some TL story links for ya:

she shot her own foot. i shall enjoy...except for when i hear about how waylon feels when he talks about how she referred to his "thoughtless lyrics". i happen to be witness to that man crying in his notebook, that fucking little twat. i am so fucking done even bothering with that one. this is my prediction for the pretty little perfect thing ( i give it 6 years) :fuckin' tool is gonna have all sorts o' baby-daddies! yee-haw!
i betcha....i betcha....

...or this, 'cause our prep schooled casting couch star of the future can't seem to pay the rent... :

...but i could be wrong....and i'd feel so bad....IF i was wrong...

wow, so negative, hey? damn she pisses me off. not totally positive of why, but she rubbed me wrong from dias uno!

there's more on tossing logic in my blog....just search the 'band drama' tag or click the story links that i've ever so graciously provided! i'm sure there'll be more to come! patience, dear can only be a matter of time. patience....he will have a new one to annoy us all soon. i'm sure. i hope. pleeze, gawd, make it so!

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uncertaingirl said...

Now you see why I won't play nice with her?! She's an inbred, donkey fuck.

I admit, I do like watching her turn everyone into her baby's daddy. It's amusing in a sad, redneck kinda way. heh