Wednesday, March 4, 2009


thought i'd better check in. not too much going on, but i want to stay close to the computer for a few. see, my old friend's wife seems to have gone missing. they live a province away, but i still can't tear myself away just yet. i sent him a message saying i wanted to copy her picture and put it out to the people i know and that i had this dream last night.

fuck. they don't happen often, but to borrow a term: when it does, it do. (thanx janis....miss u, btw...) not much happened in the dream, and i didn't even make sense of it at the time. i originally put it off as the wine and lobster i imbibed with last night for my 6th anniversary dinner with tharen....which was awesome. fuck, can i cook!?! i took yesterday to remind him why he married me with a clean house, meal to drool for, cared for kidlets, and some sweetness. heh heh, i mentioned that to him and he said, "that's not why!"....but i went on to explain that it wasn't about why he LOVES me, just why he married me! heh heh...anyway, it was a pretty good day, aside from me still being ill. (that's why i haven't been on here arms feel like lead cannisters....much too heavy to type with)

so - the dream. okay. i've never met the missing woman. my friend married her just over a year ago in his new town. he has a fairly successful business going on, and apparently they don't fight too much. just normal, aside from the whole 'open relationship' bullshit (which i don't get). i'm only in contact with him because we found each other (not sure who found who) on the social networking site we use. we caught up a bit, had a few interactions because of mutual friends, but that's it. no general contact at all, but i have seen a couple wedding pictures of the wife. and then i have this dream.

by a lake on a porch. brunette female in a grey zip hoodie sitting there crying. undecypherable yelling from a trailer. skip to next scene of a crowd of people dividing into groups.

and that's it. which isn't much. like i said, i didn't make anything of it at first. i thought it might even be me, but couldn't figure out why. THEN. i get onto networking site and see that my old friend seems to be missing his wife since yesterday noon when she went for a walk. cops involved and all that. fuck me if my head didn't start screaming into my brain!

i don't really know what to do about's kind of hard to tell people that you have dreams like this. and i do. for real. dreamed deaths of uncle, grandpa, god-brother, princess diana, jfk jr., and a friend, among others. there also have been situations that happened in my dreams. and deja-vu? ALL THE TIME! knowing who it is when the phone rings? ALL THE TIME! gut feelings about people and been totally right? ALL THE TIME! i swear to god, or whomever the fuck needs to be sworn at. as if i would want to admit i can do that. but i have.

perhaps this is why my head always feels like it's yelling at itself.

oh ya - my title. i was walking around in my yard and noticed that spring seems to have sprung. i'm gonna have to work on getting that laptop if you ever wanna hear from me in the summer! donations?

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