Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it's 11:11, do u know where your spirit guide is?

have you ever heard the theories behind number repetitions? through actual number patterns, or repeating sequences, people are yielding to the mental pressure [read: stressing] over some phenomena of angel guides that are around in this new age to assist us or something. well, maybe stressing about it is a little egregious. i didn't have enough time to totally dive in, so you can if you're interested. you could be interested. i don't know. maybe you know about it, maybe you think it's bunk. i choose to believe that 11:11 is an excellent opportunity to make a wish. have for some time, actually. i can't remember how it started.

google it, weed out the crazies, and there have actually been some 'credible' speaking done on the subject. one prolific speaker on the topic is uri gellar. i'm sure there's more to read on him out there, but i'm to lazy to do more than wiki right now. it's actually 9:30pm, wednesday, march 25th right now. nothin' special about that! right? right. i just crunched the numbers.

what i did gather was this: preliminary studies done earlier in his career at stanford research institute concluded that he had successfully demonstrated enough paranormal executions to warrant further serious study. the term "geller effect" was coined to refer to the particular type of abilities they felt had been demonstrated.
yes, he claims not to be psychic per say, but a mystifier. ok. good for uri. he has made a career of television and festival appearances. one could be so lucky...

anyway, the 11:11 premise is that you'll notice all sorts of electrical instances occurring.
seeing 11:11 as the time on your clock, for one.
no, no, no, not once, but over and over and over again!

~ that happens to me. it's 10:11 right now. (i've been googlin') that sort of counts to them, i think.

street lights going on and off when you walk by.

~ i thought that happened to everyone. doesn't it?

computer problems with power and stuff.

~ oh, you mean like MY computer that just happens to turn off for no apparent reason all the freakin' time? ...even though i've had the power supply replaced FIVE times, it still happens. coincidence?

oh yeah. did i mention that i LIVE in the wish house? yes. i do. my address is 1111, no lie.

this isn't my picture, but that's no lie.

some people get so passionate about it they'd get it tattooed! huh.

maybe that's why my spirit guides gave me the idea to publish at 11:11...?
marketing, baby!

lemme tell ya - i'm gonna have one helluva wish post on nov.11! (◄---see??)
11/11? *remember*

critics say it's a post-hoc analysis. that is, a study perceived after the fact, and with only that in mind. i'm not so sure that it's dredging for a conclusion to the 'experiments'! it just happens. trust me, i know. this is worldwide. odd phenomena it is, for sure. people have all sorts of things to believe in, and if they're thinking that this world is waking up, well, who are we to stop that energy? well, not me, but maybe you...i hope it doesn't stop.



Creativestudent said...

wow, what a post. I have never considered 11:!1 before...maybe I will be more aware of it now?! I have heard people talk about spirit guides though...I like to think that my mums dad, who died before I was born, watches over me in some way. My mum says I am like him in SO many ways...I wonder.

Thanks for coming back to my blog!! Those billboards are pretty cool eh?! Really cool that your sending the link to a friend! I owe you one!!

Hope to hear from you again soon.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! I wish at every 11:11 I come across :) The universe opens up! can't wait for nov 11, 2011


teague said...

ha....oddly, you gave me this resposne on 9/9/09...another repetitive instance!
thanks for the interest!


Anonymous said...

I love 11:11 <3. I haven't experienced much of the 10:11s but I ALWAYS get 11:11. I think it's one of the coolest trippiest signs you can get coz it signals an extreme change and your life becoming more meaningful and purposeful.

Brace yourself here's my story of 11:11. If you're skeptical may be best to avoid reading what I've written coz I'm a big 11:11 supporter:

I was going through a rough relationship with someone and about the time that problems started occuring and i started to change for him and wondering if it was worth it I kept seeing 11:11. The signals stopped after we broke up plus at the same time my boss of a year who had all of these plans to help me died at the same early unexpected time. After all of this the signals stopped (I was ready) my life completely transformed. I started coming to all of these revelations about how all the events in my life interlinked. I felt super compelled to not just stroll by my life - actually make an effort to make it so if I were to die tomorrow I'd have no regrets (something I'd always pondered about but now it was time to actually PUT ACTION INTO IT).

At 19 a while after the 11:11 signs stopped I started renting my own healing business and it's only just started and there's a while to go before I'm making a lot, but I'm effortlessly making rent 'somehow'. I'm thinking thoughts about stuff and the next day I'm meeting people or seeing things that relate to those same events. And I've decided in the future I'm going to be a counsellor, my way of inspiring others like 11:11 did to me. It's awesome!

One of the other things I started seeing as a sign was caterpillars. They signal change for the better, a great unlocking of pre-ordained events if you will. And if you see the caterpillar sign and get closer to fulfilling whatever it is you're meant to then suddenly you start seeing butterflies afterwards for a while. (But i know that everyone can see signs differently that's just how I saw it).

Anonymous said...

omg!!!! this is so amazing it all happen to me when i was a teenager.... And i was praying in my room by myself some crazy things had been going on in my life at the time and i have never thought to look the time up on the net n actually i was just looking up tattoos and i was going to get the time 11:11... and this is when i found this site. It has gave me chills all over my body.. for the simple fact that this time always meant something special to me even to this day.. I seem to never miss this time. I told my brother and it became something special to him to he makes a wish as well as prays at this time... This is amazing that other people also experience this...

Josh said...

my bday is 11 November, 11/11 weird and i always see 11:11 and 1:11 all the time it can be the car speedo the time the page number of sumfing it just always pops up!

Lord Ward said...

I have actually considered getting a tattoo of 11:11:11 on 11/11/11 at 11:11. I have a friend who tats and so I might have him start it sometime right after 11 so while it is being worked on it will cross the 11:11:11 time mark. Not sure how to design it, but I am an artist so I have about 8 or 9 months to think on it. 11:11 found me years ago and has latched on, and I literally see it almost daily, and sometimes both am and pm in one day... It's weird when you start experiencing it like that and I was told it is someone who has passed on saying hello to you or checking on you. It's supposedly like a gateway between our two planes, so I guess if you're a medium of some sort maybe you experience something more than just catching a time on the clock, but i am not that sensitive i guess... It is a neat thing though when it starts happening to you.

Anonymous said...

I have an 11:11 tattoo on the inside of my right wrist and I couldn't love it more. It is for my Dad who passed away 5 years ago (on 9/11). 11:11 was a special time for my parents - used to happen to them all the time when one would ask the other what time it was. When he passed my Mom, one of my sisters and I were there and when we looked at the clock to see what time it was to tell hospice - you guessed it - it was 11:11! Now the time happens to my sisters, my Mom and I all the time (you get in the car - 11:11, you turn on your cellphone - 11:11 etc....). When it does we have decided it is Daddy dropping in to check on us and say hi!

momo said...

11:11 is my number. Its my birth number. My name has 11 letters in it. I turned 21 on 11-11-11. And I keep seeing 11-11-11 every where.